Telstra Services

Stay connected to stay ahead.
Our partnership with Telstra is no coincidence. Half of Fifteen’s legacy comes from Exltech as Telstra’s longest leading Service Enablement Partner. And our partners have long ensured customers stay ahead by staying connected.

Boasting a bespoke build, Unify is a unique design specifically tailored to elevate Fifteen’s Telstra partner experience. Unify is unrivalled in the Telstra Services ecosystem.


The story of Unify

Unify was born from a powerful vision and a relentless pursuit of excellence. We partnered with Lumify to revolutionise the operational delivery of Telstra Services and create an extraordinary experience for our partners. Together, we crafted a unified platform that transcends limitations and empowers partners with its seamless processes.

You won’t believe it until you try…

With Unify, partners in the Telstra Ecosystem no longer face the frustration of disjointed platforms and fragmented information. Enter a world where seamless communication, streamlined processes and amplified service delivery became the norm. From submitting orders to receiving real-time updates, Unify empowered partners to navigate their Telstra Services delivery with ease and confidence.

Unify is a cost free solution

We purposefully designed and invested in Unify with two objectives in mind: simplification and increased productivity. Unify empowers partners with new levels of visibility, along with making current processes easier and faster.

With our training and support, Unify is designed to deliver to our partners the most valuable asset of all: TIME.
Provides a comprehensive dashboard
Provides a single pane of glass and a unified dashboard, offering partners complete visibility into their operations. This consolidated view allows partners to have better control and management of projects while providing full transparency of all other activities.
Transparent commission payment

Eliminate the uncertainty surrounding commissions. Partners using Unify can now have complete visibility and transparency regarding their earnings. Experience fewer headaches and enjoy enhanced peace of mind!
Enhanced customer experience
Offers complete visibility for each partner and their customers. It utilises a unique identifying number, CIDN, for Telstra customers, enabling partners to access all relevant information related to their customers. This includes statements, contracts, billing, ongoing projects, and more.
Streamlined Communication
Equips partners with the knowledge and information they need to effectively use the platform. With access to the right information, partners can propose and manage customer experiences and solution offerings in a more efficient and improved manner.
Bespoke built by Fifteen for Telstra Partners
Exclusively designed by Fifteen for Telstra distribution and Telstra’s aggregated model. Custom-built with Telstra’s Partners front of mind, UNIFY aligns perfectly with all Partner needs.


The ultimate Telco Expense Management System – Unify PRO, powered by Lumify!

With Unify PRO you can keep track of your customers’ Telco billing and monitor if the services and opportunities are optimised.

Build a customer profile to unlock new revenue opportunities via comprehensive billing data analysis, actionable reports, and potential service offerings.

Unify PRO is your secret weapon to help you improve efficiencies and gain more transparency to enhance your billable service offering.

Features Telco Expense Management Service

  • Sales & Marketing document automation
  • Monthly Customer Reporting
  • End User Customer Portals
  • Analytics Tools & Widgets
  • Customised Customer Report Builders
  • Contract Lifecycle Management
  • Template and Workflow Automation