XV WiFi is a fully managed WiFi 6 infrastructure for small to medium sites. Wi-Fi 6 offers better and more stable connectivity in dense environments allowing more clients to connect on the same access point (AP) simultaneously.


For businesses looking to improve their WiFi network in small to medium-sized environments, this Access Point provides a solution that supports more mobile devices and offers seamless connectivity throughout the area. It allows for automatic roaming, which means that devices can move between access points without interruption, ensuring uninterrupted internet access. The Access Point can support up to 16 SSID’s and 512 connected devices across two radios, which makes it a good option to enjoy automatic roaming and uninterrupted internet access.


Ideal for larger businesses wanting to improve their WiFi in medium to larger sized environments. Suitable for customers needing to support more mobile devices, with automatic roaming for seamless connectivity throughout your environment. Our Medium AP doubles the included radios to 4, reducing frequency congestion, and adds BLE and IoT support.


Engineered for Enterprise environments with demanding WiFi requirements. Suitable for customers needing to support many mobile devices, with demanding bandwidth requirements. This unit supports more mobile devices, with automatic roaming for seamless connectivity throughout your environment. Our Large AP supports over 1,000 concurrent devices, includes 4 radios, and increases throughput to 3Gbps. Bluetooth and support is also included. It connects to your network with a 2.5Gb Ethernet with a backup 1Gb Ethernet port.


Use it alone or integrate with other APs. Ideal for extending WiFi coverage outdoors or in challenging environments like warehouses. This External AP supports 1,000+ devices, automatic roaming, and offers total throughput up to 3Gbps. It has 4 radios, Bluetooth, IoT, and connects via 2.5Gb Ethernet port and SFP port for enhanced connectivity.

Maximise your Network Performance: Use XVPoE to Power Your Access Points

When it comes to powering XV WIFI Access Points, using good Power over Ethernet (PoE) is crucial. Not all PoE solutions are created equal, and using a poor-quality PoE can lead to unstable network performance, dropped connections, and hardware damage. This is why we highly recommend using XV POE with XV WIFI.

XV POE is a reliable, efficient and fully managed POE Switch infrastructure solution that provides the correct amount of power to XV WIFI Access Points, ensuring stable and uninterrupted network connectivity. With XV POE and XV WIFI working together, your customers can be confident that their network infrastructure is operating at its best, providing them with the best possible WiFi coverage and performance.

Remote Management

All XV WIFI solutions are sold as a monthly managed service, and are remotely monitored, including alerts, UP/Down monitoring, detailed reporting, and hardware support.

Reports & Analytics

All XV WIFI solutions include detailed monthly reports, that are automatically emailed to you and/or your customer. Can include: WiFi usage, Bandwidth Used, # of Connected devices, Top 10 users, Top 10 websites…

Install & Provisioning

All XV WIFI solutions are provisioned with your customer’s needs in mind. Include: Data Collection/Discovery Meeting. Configuration of 3 SSID’s and passwords. Configuration of customer access to create guest accounts. Enable and Test remote management and monitoring by XV Support team/Helpdesk. Hardware Delivery. Remote assistance to onsite installer. Test/confirm function of Alerts/alarms…