Introducing XV SBC, a comprehensive and managed Session Border Controller solution designed to enhance voice connectivity and security for your customers. This fully supported solution is perfect for small to medium businesses seeking to upgrade from legacy PABX systems to SIP without the need for expensive hardware upgrades. With XV SBC, your customers can consolidate and centralize their voice lines or seamlessly integrate their existing telephony with MS Teams, all while receiving dedicated support from our team of experts.


Designed for those customers that want to modernise their current telephony solution, without the expense of replacing legacy hardware – but rather continue to use their existing PABX whilst removing their current ISDN / PSTN connections.

  • Hosted in Australia.
  • Full interstate redundancy.
  • Centralise telephone lines SBC Solution.
  • Connect to our SBC for more value.


Designed for those customers that specifically want to add direct-dialing to the MS Teams tenancy, such as having a predominant WFH workforce.

  • Centralised call termination.
  • Connect PBX’s internally.
  • Improve call quality with SIP.
  • Seamless integration between PBX vendors.
  • Prevent attacks from internet-based threats.
  • Encrypt traffic routing.
  • Ongoing support and management included.

But it doesn’t stop there. Our central SBC solution also caters to the needs of enterprise customers. They can take advantage of XV SBC to consolidate multiple telephony services, allowing for streamlined communication across their organization. Additionally, remote offices can be effortlessly connected via traditional Internet VPN services, promoting seamless collaboration between disparate locations. Particularly in light of the rising demand for remote work, our enterprise customers express great interest in MS Teams integration, and XV SBC offers a reliable solution to meet their evolving requirements.